Ukulele Tuition

Ukulele ( soprano, concert, tenor and baritone) – all musical styles

The “humble” ukulele is the most fun and versatile but sadly underrated stringed instrument I have encountered.

It’s an ideal instrument for beginners as you can get some results quickly but it is very popular amongst people who may have played guitar in the past and are looking for a new challenge.

So portable – take away and play anywhere!

Where do I start?

Am I “Beginner” or “improver”?


Some people tell me that they “have no musical talent” so they’ve never bothered trying to learn an instrument.

I don’t believe in “no musical talent”. The joy of making your own music can be enjoyed by anyone at any age or any level of experience. We all start learning from somewhere  – a little time and effort (coupled with some fun) can take you a long way musically

If you are a complete beginner – even if you have never played an instrument then give it a try – you will not be disappointed with what you can achieve.

I can help you identify some sensible practical goals for you to get you started and provide a path to get you there.

Just contact me and let’s discuss what you need


Ukulele clubs / groups have popped up all over the country over the past few years.

A great social opportunity to play ukulele (once you’ve have learned a few basics)

If, however, you’ve played for a while and feeling as though your playing has stagnated / lacks some “PIZAZ” then i can help.

Many “social group” players “top up” their skills with periodic private lessons.

Whether you wish to do this by yourself or with a small group of friends then I can help.

The wonderful Ribble Valley Strummers

 Christmas 2018 gig at Abbeyfield Clitheroe


Please contact me to discuss your needs


A few words of caution when buying a ukulele



Be careful if buying an instrument for the first time

Ukuleles come in many shapes, sizes and tempting designs.

Many are really just toy/novelty instruments –  so please do some research before parting with your hard earned cash.

My advice would be —

Always play before you buy

If possible then take along a competent player with you for a “second opinion”

The prettiest ukulele is often not the best sounding or easiest to play!

It doesn’t matter what age you are or how long you have been playing.

Whether you wish to learn by yourself with a group of friends then together I will tailor sessions to meet your specific needs.

Please contact me to discuss in more detail.