Studio equipment

Home computers, tablets and most cell phones allow us to produce simple audio recordings but achieving a great result is difficult without the use of dedicated professional audio studio equipment.

earwig equipment

Here’s a brief overview of the current production rig

Earwig uses industry standard studio equipment – 

  • Pro Tools software platform
  • Extensive suite of RTAS & AAX plug ins – all fully licensed,
  • Software driven by powerful and robust Mac Pro and Macbook Pro systems
  • Black Lion signature mod DIGI 003 control interface – one of the best quality digital audio interfaces I’ve ever used
  • External microphone pre-amplifiers extend recording capability to 16 simultaneous channels
  • Recording, mixing and mastering results are reviewed via flat response Genelec studio monitors
  • A large selection of studio quality microphones.
  • For audio renovation projects (from tape, shellac, wax or vinyl disk) Earwig uses Cambridge audio pre-amps and professional MM and MC phono cartridges.


.E - headphone and plug on Trans

 Please contact me for any further details