Managing your recording project

Managing your project given limited time and budget is essential.

I always work very closely with clients to ensure session and studio time are used economically.

Before you perform “for the record”  I always take time with all artists to plan what we want to achieve and agree how we should go about it.

The most frequent piece of advice I give is

  •  “Rehearse well – whether it be a musical performance or narration.”

Studio technology allows me to correct many types of errors after recording –  but this takes time and budget.


The entire audio production “process flow” is a little unfamiliar to most people and I receive many enquiries about what should be considered at each stage from recording session / performance through to receiving a final mix.

A few years ago I compiled an summary of my responses into a pdf file – if you click the link below to open, a copy will open in a new window.

Although this document focuses on music production, including some thoughts on multi track recordings, I hope it provides some guidance,


Please contact me if you would like help or advice in planning or managing your recording session or audio project.

The graphic below is a little “tongue in cheek” but –  the centre “utopia” may be something to think about ? …….. 🙂



And Finally…….

 I’m always being asked “What sort of studio equipment do you use?”

Click here for the technical details

E - headphone and plug on Trans