Independent music production

In house independent music productions are released under the Earwig(a completely independent music) label.

All are produced in very limited numbers and are only available directly from Earwig or when I perform at UK music festivals.

As a small independent studio all future project releases are dependent on previous success.

E - headphone and plug on TransGrass Cuttings– a collection of Dobro led musical sketches & non traditional rearrangements of Appalachian and folk tunes  –  £10 + £2 p&p in UK – LIMITED STOCK

I was kindly helped out on some tracks by my good friends –  Canadian musical wizard Doug Cox and the multi talented (and top chap) Richard Partridge

Uke Ant Bee Sirius – ukulele led ditties to brighten up the dreariest of days – play loud and sing along in the car whilst in traffic jams – I do! – £6 +£2 p&p in UK – Only a few left

Treat yourself to some new tunes and support independent CD music label production.

Please contact me directly for further details (including worldwide shipping costs)


More in house projects are in progress – many thanks to you all who have supported our musical efforts over the past 12 years.


Thanks for visiting

E - headphone and plug on Trans