Dobro – Lap Style Acoustic Steel Guitar

 Dobro – Lap-Style Acoustic Steel Guitar

Dobro / Lap- Style Acoustic Guitar is THE  instrument to learn if you are a blues, country music, bluegrass or hawaiian music fan.

Playing a guitar placed flat on your lap and using a steel bar on the strings may seem a little unusual at first sight but  you will certainly be familiar with the distinctive sound.

If you’re a complete beginner or a guitarist looking for a new challenge  – this is the most eye and ear catching way to play a guitar.

Search the internet for Dobro or Lap steel (using your engine of choice) – prepare to be amazed

How hard is it to play?

Beginning to play is quite easy – the guitar neck is always laid out right there in front of you. It feels much more natural than wrapping both arms around an instrument like a guitar, banjo or mandolin and facing the instrument away from you while playing.

Is it difficult to play well? As with any instrument – if you really want to learn and want to play well then a little practice really pays off

Will it cost a lot to get started?

You do not need to invest in specialised custom instruments to play in this style – an inexpensive steel strung acoustic guitar can be modified to become a great student instrument.

All you need invest in is –

  • A steel “Slide” bar – not a bottleneck slide
  • An Hawaiian Extension nut for your guitar

If you need any advice (on steels etc.) or help then please contact me


I  deliver lessons / workshops in the Ribble Valley and North Lancashire. I’ve performed and delivered at  music festivals around the UK for many years and am proud to have been on the teaching staff at the world renowned Sore Fingers School in 2008, 2009 and 2011.

Review from Acoustic Magazine – The Sore Fingers Experience – Beginners Dobro Class 2009

“Because of his relaxed approach, no one felt intimidated by their technique, or absence thereof, and Bill’s avowed intent that everyone would leave with a tune to play was achieved with much laughter and enjoyment along the way”

It doesn’t matter what age you are or how long you have been playing.

Whether you wish to learn by yourself with a group of friends then together I will tailor sessions to meet your specific needs.

Please contact me to discuss in more detail.