Recording Studio

Audio recording and production studio

I can assist you with your project at almost any location you want.

Earwig studio uses dedicated professional recording hardware interfaces and fully licensed software. 

My technical knowledge and practical skills have been honed over 20 years. This is complemented with formally accredited studies in Avid Pro Tools for both live venue and recording studio.

Many artists / musicians I meet regret  that they have no record of their performances  and best “party pieces”

Performing “for the record” can be a daunting prospect. Faced with “fixed site” recording studios many capable artists fail to successfully capture their best efforts for posterity.

Earwig  brings the capability of a commercial recording studio to a venue where you feel most comfortable to perform.

All over the North West of England, Earwig has made recordings for artists in many diverse venues  – home living rooms, offices, garages, pubs, school halls, churches to name a few.

Making the most of studio time

Managing your recording project, given limited time and budget, is essential.

I take pride in working very closely with clients to ensure best value from our sessions together whatever venue you choose.

Before you perform “for the record”  spend time discussing what we want to achieve and agree a plan of how we should go about it.

“Rehearse well – whether it be a musical performance or narration.” (Studio technology allows me to correct many types of errors after recording –  but this takes time and budget.)

Whether you work and create alone, in a small group, or are part of a community project I can promise a fully supportive comprehensive service carefully tailored to your creative and budget needs.

Together we can record, mix and master your project to commercial release standard.

Just contact me to discuss your specific needs.

Digital Transfer and Audio Renovation

Earwig carried out the digital transfer and restoration (for commercial release) of many vintage recordings from the early 20th century which received significant critical acclaim.

Private commissions for transfer and restoration work are welcomed

If you have a prized collection of 78s, some rare vinyl or even cassette tapes then why not consider transferring them to digital format? – contact me for more information and let us work together to preserve and restore your precious recordings.

And Finally…….

 I’m always being asked “What sort of studio equipment do you use?”

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E - headphone and plug on Trans